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By Kevin Kromer, only 30 printed, 10 in each size 8.5x11,11x14, and 13x19. Each print is numberd and signed by Kevin.  Each print has the option of being framed for an additional $50.

 This piece of art really expresses how Kevin's art can be full of emotions. Based on real currency and materials brought back from china, Kevin depicts world experiences through his art. He places money at the top, along with other commercial objects. As you move down the artwork there is a women towards the bottom, below the money and commercial objects. Across from that is the china flag facing backwards as many of china's standards are considered backwards to the western world. Below all of this is a shipping container representing china's trade, all of which is placed around one man. This piece is not meant to offend anyone as is to inform others of what’s going in the world through art.

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